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Profesional Activities

 1.   Scientific Committtee, The International Conference On Computer, Control, Informatics And Its Application (IC3INA 2013), IEEE Indonesion Chapter, 
      June-Nov 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia.
 2.  Conference Chair, the 4th International Conference on Photonics (ICP2013), IEEE Photonics Society Malaysian Chapter, Jan-Oct 2013, Melaka.
 3.  Program Committee, International Conference on IT Convergence and Security 2013 (IEEE-ICITCS 2013), Dec 2013, Macau.
 4.  General Chair, The 4th International Graduate Conference on Engineering Science & Humanity 2013 (IGCESH2013), July 2012- April 2013.
 5.  Editorial Board, Journal of Recent Patents on Signal Processing, Bentham Open, July 2009-to date.
 6.  Technical Program Committee, IEEE International Workshop on Hybrid Optical-Wireless Access Networks: Opportunities and Challenges for 4G Cellular                            Backhauling,Paris, April 2012.
 7.  Secretariat Committee, The International Conference on Photonics 2012, Dec 2011-Nov 2012.
 8.  Chief Editor Jurnal Teknologi- Special Edition (Optoelectronics and Optical Communication System’, vol 55 no 1(Science & Engineering), ISSN 0127–9696, Penerbit         UTM Press, Feb-June 2011.
 9.  Invited Speaker, Optoelectronics and Advance Materials Seminar 2011, Johor Baharu, 29 June 2011.
10. Organizing Committee, The International Conference on Photonics 2011, Feb 2011-Nov 2011.
11. TPC of The 2009 IEEE International Conference On Antennas, Propagation And Systems (INAS 2009), 3 – 5 Dec. 2009, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
12. Visiting Researcher, NTT Science & Core Technology Laboratory, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation, 9-10 March 2009.
13. Session Chair and Short Course InstructorSCOReD 2008, 26- 27 Nov 2008.
14. Technical Reviewer, Journal Of Optical Communication and Networks, OSA, since May 2009.
15. Technical Reviewer, Journal of Optics Letters, OSA, since June 2009.
16. Technical Reviewer, Journal of Optics Express, OSA, since May 2009.
17. Secretary, International Asia-Pacific Conference on Applied Electromagnetics 2005 (APACE 2005), IEEE (AP/MTT/EMC) Malaysia Joint Chapter (Dec 05).
18. Technical Reviewer, The WSEAS Transactions On Communications, 2006. Technical Reviewer, 6th WSEAS International Conference On Electronics, Hardware,              Wireless And Optical Communications (EHAC '07), Corfu, Greece, February 16-19, 2007.
19. Technical Reviewer, 7th WSEAS International Conference on Electronics, Hardware, Wireless And Optical Communications (EHAC '08)’, Cambridge, UK, February          20-22, 2008.
20. Technical Reviewer, International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics (ICEEI 2007), Bandung, June 2007.
21. Technical Reviewer, The 2nd Asia International Conference on Modeling & Simulation (AMS2008), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 13 – 15 May 2008.
22. Exhibitor/MOHE Representative, ICT Exhibition In Conjunction With The 43rd South East Asia Ministry of Education Council (SEAMEC) and 3rd ASEAN Education             (ASED) Convention,  KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, 10-12 Mac 2008.

 1.  Panel Assessor (Electrical & Electronics Engineering), Malaysian Qualification           Agency (MQA), August 2009-October 2015.Executive Committee Members IEEE
 2. Photonics Society Malaysian Chapter, Jan 2012-Dec 2013.
     MQA Panel Auditor for Full Accreditation for Master Of Science in Electrical and  3. Electronics Engineering, INTI-University Of Bradford, UK. Dec 2013.
 4. MQA Panel Auditor for Accreditation Compliance of Diploma Programs (Jabatan         Pengajian Politeknik, KPT), March-August 2013.
    • Diploma Kejuruteraan Elektronik (Kawalan), Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah.
    • Diploma Kejuruteraan Elektronik (Perubatan), Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah.
    • Diploma Kejuruteraan Elektronik (Optoelektronik), Politeknik Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin.
    • Diploma Kejuruteraan Elektronik (Komunikasi), Politeknik Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin.
    • Diploma Kejuruteraan Elektronik (Komunikasi), Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah.        
 5.  Editor, ‘Recent Developments in Optical Communication and Networking’, ISBN:         978-983-52-0817-1, Penerbit UTM Press, 2011.
 6.  Panel Judges, ‘TM Research & Development Breakthrough 2009’, TM RnD Sdn.          Bhd., Cyberjaya, 22 April 2009.
 7.  Panel Examiner, Brain Gain Malaysia Program, MOSTI, Nov 2008.
 8.  Group Advisor, Schneider Electric University Challenge 2009, ‘Green The World’,       Mac-May 2009, 2 Groups.
 9.  Group Advisor (UTM Representative), IEEE Malaysia & Freescale Semiconductor          Smart Car Competition 2008, Aug- Dec 2008. Project: PhotonCar.
10. Group Advisor, National Research And Innovation Competition (NRIC 2008,                   Penang, 20-22 Mei 2008. Project: Self Alignment Optical Wireless Antenna.
11. Participant (UTM Representative), SMIDEX SME Networking: Local Links, Global         Reach (SMIDEX 2008), KL Convention Centre, 4-6 Jun 2008.
12. Exhibitor, Malaysian Technology Expo 2008 (MTE08), 21-23 Feb 2008, PWTC,                 Kuala Lumpur.
13. Group Advisor, Philips Young Inventor Challenge 2006 (PYIC06), Dec 2006- Aug             2007. 4 Groups.
    • Baby Philips: a Baby‘s Step To Better Educational Toy.
    • Color Coded Security Lock
    • HealMe! Philips Multi Purpose Lamp
    • Philips LED Security Box
14. Technical Reviewer, Journal of IEM, Institute of Engineers Malaysia, 2005.
      Technical Reviewer, Journal of Technology, UTM, 2005-2006.
15. Member of Editorial Board, Jurnal Elektrika (Sept. 06-to date)
16. Secretary, Organizing Committee ‘Bengkel Islam Hadhari: Menggilap
17. Kecemerlangan Pelajar-pelajar Islam di Bidang Kejuruteraan di IPTA’, (Jan 06).

 1.  Panel Auditor Post Graduate Program Accreditation, Sept 2019, Unit Kualiti                  Universiti, UTM.
 2.  Adviser UTM Postgraduate Student Society, Jul 2011-Jan 2013.
 3.  Panel Penilai Anugerah Kualiti Akademik, Feb-April 2011, Citra Karisma 2010.
 4.  Fasilitator, ’Intellectual Property Protection Workshop’, Infocomm Reserach                Alliance, UTM, 30-31 March 2010.
 5.  Internal Auditor, Penilaian Audit Prestasi Akademik (APA), Cancelory, 23-30                  November 2009.
 6.  Accompanying Officer for UTM’s Student Academic Delegation to Brunei under              UTM Global Outreach Program 2009, 12-15 Nov 2009.
 7.  Internal Auditor, EAC Accreditation Mock Audit, Cancelory, May 2009.
 8.  Expert Area Technical Evaluator, ‘Anugerah Penerbitan Bagi Kategori Kertas Kerja       Dalam Jurnal Kebangsaan’, UTM, Mac 2009.
 9.  Associate Member, ‘UTM-GNSS & Geodynamics Research Group’, Feb 2009.
10. Internal Auditor, ‘Review Self Assessment Report For EAC Accreditation’, Jan 2009.
11. Participants, ‘Industrial Art and Technology Exhibition (INATEX 2009)’, Ogos 2009.
12. Comittee Advisor, ’Protem Comittee Of UTM Amature Radio Club and UTM FM              Radio’, April 2009-to date.
13. Founding Committee, ‘Proposal For The Establishment Of Infocomm Research              Alliance (IcRA)’, 18 Dec 2008.
14. Participants, ‘Industrial Art and Technology Exhibition (INATEX 2008)’, Ogos 2008.
     Task Force for UTM Proposal ‘RFP for the Establishment of an International
     Telecommunication Union (ITU) Asia-Pacific Center of Excellence (CeO) Focusing          on Technology Trends’, submitted to MOSTE /ITU, Aug 2006.

15. English Task Force Team, FKE, Apr 05.
16. UTM representative: ‘Promoting UTM at the Pahang Matriculation College Carrier          Weeks’, Kuantan, 7-9 Sept 2006.
17. UTM representative: Bengkel Strategik R &D Angkasa 2006, Bangi, 25 August 2006.
18. Facilitator, 'Instructional English in Engineering for Teaching' FKE, 4-6 July 2005.
19. Faculty Representative for Language Support Program (ELSP), June 2008 –to date.
20. English Translator for ‘RMC Yearly Report 2004/2005’.
21. Auditee, UTM Engineering Program Accreditation Evaluation by Engineering                Accreditation Council, BEM, (7-8 December 2006).
22. Task Force for UTM-KEMENTAH Collaboration Program, ‘Sukatan Pelajaran Kursus      Jurulatih Meriam bagi Matapelajaran Dari Fakulti Kejuruteraan Elektrik, CLE 1142         (Peranti Elektronik)’, April 2007.